About us
The Apter Barrer Arts Center at Maalot has been providing educational and cultural services to the community of Maalot and the surrounding region for the past 20 years. An independent, non-profit association of volunteers, whose aim is to advance and cultivate art in Maalot-Tarshiha and environs, runs the Center. The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia within the framework of Project Renewal has supported the Arts Center ever since its foundation. We are pleased and proud to say that it is thanks to the relationship that has developed between this supportive community and us and thanks to its loyalty, assistance and support that the Center has succeeded in growing and flourishing for so many years. Special appreciation is due to Allen and Helene Apter for their genuinely caring interest in the activities of the Center.  In addition, the cooperation and concern of the Maalot Municipality also deserve special mention.

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